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Welcome to the World of The production house – A platform for young generation to build up their career in films. We are established in the year of 2003 is a privately owned studio based in Rajkot, Gujarat. The production house is a well established front runner across all verticals let it be blockbusters or youth-oriented films or say launching young talent in films. Films create highly effective, unparalleled and almost permanent impressions in the mind of the viewers through powerful impressions, stories, characters, and visuals. We specialize in providing a platform for young talent to make their career in films. Back end by the team of best professionals for film production, we make movies that are memorable and engaging with technically great visual.

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We develop a complete combo of a simple yet memorable, engaging and effective masterpiece. We are a team of the best professionals from the film industry to take care of the most complex production and deliver a technically splendid visual.

We have a team of creative individuals who are interested in and passionate about making a difference through the art of motion pictures. The production house has emerged itself as creative multi-faceted media company – be it brand films, corporate films, youtube video, OTT or TV production, feature-length documentaries, commercials, trailers, videos, short films, and other special venue projects for clients, we develop diverse media that work as master-piece to grab audience attention and keenness.

Strategy & Management Consultant


Divit Global Advisors (“DGA”) is a multi-disciplinary business, legal and compliance advisory and one of the leading management consulting Company. DGA provides services like Management Consulting & Services, Legal & Compliance Consulting and Services, Audit, Due Diligence, and Risk Management Services, Contract Management, Dispute Resolution Services, Process Management, and Advisory Services, Project Management Services, Recovery Advisory and Services and Intellectual Property Rights Services like Trademark, Patent, and Copyright, etc. DGA works with Startups, SMEs and top executives and management to facilitate them make better and deliver the sustainable success they desire. DGA’s strength lies in finding solutions for the problems.



Begin your career in the film industry.